Cache Creek Holistic Veterinary Service

Special Interest:  Chronic or Unresolved Cases

       We have worked with patients of most mammalian species since 1980.

       Our office is in Woodland, Ca, but our patients can live anywhere.  Since we are able to test patients remotely, distance is not an obstacle to good results.

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IF:You have “already tried everything”; and

Your patient is not improving fast or well enough or has been given a poor, guarded or hopeless prognosis, we think you came to the right place!

Over three decades of experience have taught us techniques which might help where others have not.

First, we have developed a theory of chronic disease (we think it will seem logical to you) that has been tested and found to be correct thousands of times!  We are able to reliably test patients remotely to identify causes of symptoms and make recommendations to resolve them.

Our theory of chronic disease helps direct treatment to eliminate causes of inflammation responsible for symptoms.

We use clinically directed nutrition and natural energy to support patients’ bodies so that they have the tools needed in order to heal themselves.   (Order our book, More Than A Theory, or request free fliers by email to learn more about what we do and how/why we do it.)

Bert H. Brooks, DVM and/or

Melissa L. Brooks, BS

Cache Creek Holistic Veterinary Service

15200 County Road 96B

Woodland, CA  95695

To contact us:

Office: 530-666-7322

Fax: 530-666-7430

Testing:  530-666-7400



When requesting a free consultation, please include the following information:

· Your Name;

· Name of Patient;

· Age;

· Sex;

· Breed;

· Species;

· Description of Problem/Diagnosis;

· Treatments Given and Results.


You may also request case reports related to your patient’s condition.  We have prepared about 80 case reports on different subjects.



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